At GECKO Racing, we value the engagement and loyalty of our customers. To show our appreciation for your support and to encourage enthusiasts to showcase their GECKO Racing coilover installations, we're excited to introduce our $50 Cash Back Promotion.

Here's how you can participate and claim your cash back:

  1. Install GECKO Racing Coilovers: Purchase and install GECKO Racing coilovers on your vehicle.

  2. Capture High-Quality Photos: Take clear, high-resolution photos of the installation process. Ensure that the images highlight the quality and precision of our coilovers.

  3. Submit Your Photos: Send your installation photos to our designated email address or share them on our official social media accounts. Make sure to include your order number in the submission.

  4. Review and Qualification: Our team will review the submitted photos to ensure they meet our quality standards. Qualified submissions will be eligible for the $50 cash back.

  5. Receive Your Cash Back: Once your submission is approved, you will receive $50 cash back as a token of our appreciation. The cash back will be processed and sent to you via your preferred payment method.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that the photos are well-lit, in focus, and showcase the GECKO Racing coilovers prominently.
  • Include your order number with your submission to facilitate the verification process.
  • Submissions must meet our quality standards to qualify for the cash back promotion.
  • Cash back will be issued to qualified customers within a reasonable timeframe after approval.

Thank you for choosing GECKO Racing. We look forward to seeing your installations and rewarding your enthusiasm for our products. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.